Water Treatment NJ

Correcting Common Plumbing Problems from a Common Source:

Your Water

Thanks to the variety of rock and soil types in our area, homes that use water from public or private wells often experience unpleasant side effects from the water’s natural chemistry. Stained plumbing fixtures, bad taste, odor and pipe corrosion are common customer complaints. Worse, some of these side effects can take a toll on the efficiency and integrity of your appliances and your plumbing system. [Learn more] Fortunately, there are remedies. A Patriot Plumbing professional will be happy to evaluate your water issues and recommend a solution to address your specific needs. Some typical problems and the solutions we offer include:

Hard water:
Water softeners, which use salt to remove high concentrations of minerals (typically calcium and magnesium) that corrode fixtures and reduce the life-span of appliances, water heaters and boilers; and de-scalers, or salt-free water softeners, which transform minerals into suspended crystals that are flushed away.

Water Softeners installation NJ
Low pH (acidity) levels:
A pH neutralizer raises the pH level of your water to prevent pipe deterioration, which causes pinhole leaks and heavy metal leaching that results in poor taste and staining of fixtures and laundry.

A whole-house water filter with replaceable cartridges keeps harmful sediment out of your well tank, water heater, pipes and faucets.

Organic and inorganic contaminants: A reverse osmosis (RO) system removes approximately 99 percent of dissolved inorganic solids from your tap water, including chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, lead and VOCs, purifying water daily so you will never have to purchase (and dispose of) bottled water again. Ultraviolet purification uses a UV light source to kill harmful microbes in your drinking water, eliminating biological contamination from your municipal or private well system. UV is known to be highly effective against bacteria, viruses, algae, molds, yeasts and parasites.

RO systems and UV Sterilizer Installation NJ

Whatever your water issues or concerns, you can rely on Patriot Plumbing Services to find the cause and correct the problem. Just call us for an appointment at 908-638-8001.