Remodel, Additions & New Constructions

Make Patriot Your Trusted Partner on Construction Projects

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or landlord looking to update and replace fixtures, or a building contractor seeking a skilled plumbing partner for a renovation, addition or new construction project, we would love to earn your business.


New Construction: Construction-related business comes to us a number of ways. Often, a customer has plans drawn to build a house, engages a general contractor and the contractor hires us. Patriot Plumbing Services maintains a network of trusted, professional contractors whom we’re happy to recommend upon request, and who readily recommend us when opportunities arise.We’re also happy to add qualified contractors and tradespeople to our network.


Patriot Plumbing Services handles full house plumbing from roughing in to finish work: water lines, waste lines, fixtures, heating system, boilers, water treatment.

Patriot Plumbing NJ Construction


Frequently, we’re asked to work on additions — most often a first-floor master suite with master bath and perhaps a laundry, or sometimes an extra bedroom with bath. Here, too, we’ll work with the homeowner and/or the general contractor to address the homeowner’s wishes for new plumbing, fixtures and appliance installations.


Heating is another consideration with additions, and Patriot Plumbing will increase heating zones and add baseboard heating units and thermostats, as needed.


Remodels constitute a substantial portion of our business. A homeowner might wish to remodel a bathroom, for example. This can be as simple as keeping most of the fixtures in their current locations, and just installing a new tub or shower or toilet. Or it might involve working with a contractor on a complete redesign that involves gutting the existing bathroom and maybe adjacent dressing areas as well. The contractor might ask us to replace a dated tub/shower combination, or a tub with an adjacent small stall shower, with a large walk-in shower complete with wall-mounted body jets and hand-held shower wand. Or perhaps we’ll install a spa tub with a separate spacious shower, a new pedestal sink with a European faucet, and maybe a toilet with a matching bidet.


Kitchen remodels, too, can be modest or extensive. A homeowner might want to add a cooktop, an extra oven, a bar sink — or, with the help of a contractor, a kitchen island or a nook for a conventional or Keurig® coffee maker, and space for serving dessert. Patriot Plumbing can install a pot filler or simply run a water line directly to the coffee maker or Keurig. Downstairs, customers call on us to help with remodeling their basements, adding powder rooms, showers, bar sinks, and ejector pumps for below-grade basement toilets. We also frequently relocate laundry rooms from basement to the first or second floor — and vice versa.

Gas piping and oil-to-gas conversions

Are you among the growing number of property owners in our area contemplating a switch from oil to gas as the fuel for your heating system?


Gas is a cleaner-burning and more efficient fuel source that can greatly reduce the cost of heating your property, and a gas-fired system is much easier to maintain than oil. Gas can power other appliances, as well, including water heaters (tank-style and the more-efficient on-demand type), clothes dryers, cook tops/ovens and grills. It can substantially reduce your electricity usage and related costs.


Another consideration: A gas-powered generator will keep lights, heat and major appliances running in the event of a power outage. Because gas travels through pipes, changing over to a gas-fueled system requires installation of pipes to distribute the fuel. At Patriot Plumbing Services, we’re experienced in all types of gas piping installations and the multiple configurations a conversion might entail, whether your fuel is natural gas or liquid propane (LP). We can also modify or add to your existing system.


Typically, in a conversion, your gas (or propane) company brings the gas line to your property, and we take over from that point. If your existing system includes an in-ground oil tank, we’ll be happy to refer you to a contractor who handles tank removals in accordance with EPA requirements.


Whether you’re looking for a complete gas-fueled system, or just wish to add gas for a new kitchen stove, or to connect an outdoor grill to an existing system, we can design and install a customized system to meet your specific requirements.


Sometimes a conversion to gas involves outside work as well as inside, including installation of an underground LP tank and buried lines to generators, pool heaters, cabanas or outbuildings.


Whatever the project, count on Patriot Plumbing Services to manage it expertly, from start to finish.

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