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Patriot Plumbing Services has been in operation since 2003 with owner and master plumber, Mark Johnson, practicing in the plumbing industry for nearly 30 years. In that time our team has seen countless plumbing issues. We have dealt with everything from small leaks to plumbing nightmares and have weathered the ups and downs of various product lines. Now we want to share all that experience with you.

The Problem

Being a home owner or property manager brings the constant ring of maintenance. Maybe you have a few years left on that hot water heater, maybe you don’t. Perhaps you should change from oil-based heating to a gas-based system, but what are the pros and cons? If that were not enough to keep your mind busy, hiring a plumber is a big deal. You are inviting a stranger into your home and trusting them with one of the most essential systems in your property. We want to provide insight into finding a good plumber to suit your project.

The Reason Behind The Blog

This is why we are starting this blog. You can’t be an expert plumber. That’s our job, but there is a lot you can do if you are willing to spend a little time learning and approaching your plumbing problem thoughtfully. On this blog you will find:

  • Plumbing “how-to” articles
  • Best practices for repairs
  • Thoughts on selecting plumbing equipment
  • How to find the plumber that is right for you.
  • Updates on services PPS offers
  • Information on the products we use

We can’t give away all our secrets 😉 but we are here to help any way we can. We believe that equipping you with the information on this blog will prepare you to make more informed decisions about your home.

Why You Should Stay Tuned

If you are wondering who we are and why you should read more on our plumbing blog, here is a little background info. We are a family-owned and locally operating plumbing business in Hunterdon County, NJ. Patriot Plumbing Services was started in 2003 by Mark and Lisa Johnson. Their combination of small business skills and plumbing experience provided the spark Patriot Plumbing Services needed to get started. While they’re professional experience was an important factor, they also saw the need for a different kind of plumber – a team of plumbers who know the needs of the people in their community and a business that provides customer service at its best. When you work with Patriot Plumbing Services, you are working with the best plumbers and receiving the best customer service. When you come to this blog for thoughts and insight, that is what you are getting.

The Patriot Plumbing Difference

When a plumber, or any other contractor, walks into your home, what do you expect of them? You expect a courteous greeting and a smiling face. You expect someone who is ready to help. You expect an expert who can diagnose your problem quickly and create a plan of action that will address the problem. You expect them to have the tools and parts necessary to do the job. When they’re finished you want to feel good about the value you received and the only thing you want left behind is a job well done – no mess, no clutter, no issues.

This is the Patriot Plumbing Services Difference. This is the standard we have for every job.

Services Offered By Patriot Plumbing

  • Residential and Commercial Plumbing
    • Water heaters
    • Oil-to-gas conversions
    • Installation of fixtures such as tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, toilets, etc.
    • Water, sewer and septic interior and exterior piping
    • Drain cleaning
    • Gas piping
    • Leak repairs
    • Pumps installation
    • Thaw and repair frozen pipes
    • Well tanks, gauges and controls
    • Appliance hookups
  • Hydronic Heating
    • Steam boilers & radiators
    • Hot water boilers
    • Radiant heat
    • Hot water baseboard heat
    • Oil storage tanks
  • Water Treatment
    • Installation of system to treat a single faucet or your entire property
    • Addressing hard water and iron
    • Fixing discolored water
    • Removing bacteria, contaminates, and sediment
    • Adding minerals to improve taste and health benefits
  • New Construction, Additions, & Remodels
    • Piping or re-piping for your project
    • Connecting you with our network of contractors


Patriot Plumbing Services is here to help!

Contact us today to discuss your plumbing needs.


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